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Darrelle Revis
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“Football has taught me discipline, how to survive in critical situations throughout my life and how important it is to have a strong team around you. I’ve been fortunate to have a strong ‘team’ at home as well as when I was on the field.”



  • Super Bowl champion, 7-time Pro Bowler, and former New York JETS Cornerback, Darrelle S. Revis was fittingly born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, a city often referred to as the home of champions. Born into a family of gifted athletes, some say Darrelle Revis was destined to add his name to that list.
  • As a tri-athlete at Aliquippa High School, he was named Pittsburgh Tribune Review 2003 Player of the Year, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2003 WPIAL Class AA Player of the Year, 2003 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Fabulous 22,” and broke the school’s record for most interceptions of any corner back; and that’s only football.
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Instagram post 2116284715745154825_11852506 Blood Orange.  #jetski #jetskilife #revisisland #beyondthehelmet
Instagram post 2102711138693676288_11852506 “Ty Law Rule” • 1991 State Champion • All-American @umichfootball • 23rd overall pick to @patriots • 3x Super-Bowl Champ • 5x Pro Bowl selection • 2x all pro • 2x interception leader • GOAT • 2019 HOF  Hall of Fame Numbers!!! #2019hallofame #hof #20thehall19
Instagram post 2097445220019309132_11852506 A message to our youth I have to say you are not alone. Continue to be the brave souls you are as you continue to develop into the next generation of entrepreneurs, superstars, and mentors for others. By your participation and effort to strive to be educated on nutrition and life skills will not only give you the tools to succeed but also will also impact you to become something special. Thanks to our partners  @pittofficial and @steelers for providing us the facility to showcase another amazing H2 FUN Fest! See you next year for our 3rd annual H2FunFest2020. #pittsburgh #h2funfest2019
Instagram post 2097439369393020318_11852506 Would like to thank all of the volunteers taking time from their busy lives invest some of their time into our youth. Much love to you all! @drevisfdn #volunteers #h2funfest #h2funfest2019
Instagram post 2094467231639826446_11852506 Here’s some footage from my scuba diving experience. Exploring new things as I’m celebrating my first year anniversary of retirement from the NFL. 😂😂😂 #revisisland  #scuba #scubadiving
Instagram post 2093712840045590901_11852506 Had the opportunity to speak to a few members of the youth and was able to give them some sound advice to strive and become something great. “ never choose to react to a situation but always respond with a plan of action” @drevisfdn #revisisland #h2funfest2019 #
Instagram post 2093239063637543221_11852506 Appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to mentor and educate our youth. Not only will it go a long way but also will inspire them to push to be even better than what we strive to be. Continue to lead the way. @hollywoodhino #h2funfest #h2funfest2019 #childhoodhunger #hunger #rechargetheyouth
Instagram post 2088159323616558493_11852506 Today I spent my birthday scuba diving in the Atlantic Ocean. Although I had so much fun scuba diving on my 34th, I happen to become light headed and vomited a few times due to sea sickness. Always be encourage to try new ventures in life. I will admit I did enjoy myself and was able to be apart of an experience but I don’t know if I’ll be up for the challenge, hell nah! 😂😂😂 #cancerseason #july14 #revisisland #scubadiving
Instagram post 2084521405081469234_11852506 Birthday week countdown. #cancerseason #cancerzodiac #revisisland #july14th

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