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Darrelle Revis
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“Football has taught me discipline, how to survive in critical situations throughout my life and how important it is to have a strong team around you. I’ve been fortunate to have a strong ‘team’ at home as well as when I was on the field.”



  • Super Bowl champion, 7-time Pro Bowler, and former New York JETS Cornerback, Darrelle S. Revis was fittingly born in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, a city often referred to as the home of champions. Born into a family of gifted athletes, some say Darrelle Revis was destined to add his name to that list.
  • As a tri-athlete at Aliquippa High School, he was named Pittsburgh Tribune Review 2003 Player of the Year, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2003 WPIAL Class AA Player of the Year, 2003 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Fabulous 22,” and broke the school’s record for most interceptions of any corner back; and that’s only football.
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Instagram post 2157095518547047631_11852506 Was in attendance to watch my daughter play tonight... Her team won 46-18. #mohawkwarriors #basketball #mydaughtercanhoop #mydaughterismyworld

Deyani Stats: 
5 points 
7 rebounds

4 assist 
3 steals 
3 turnovers 
3 Fouls
Instagram post 2157040063011407140_11852506 Lamar and the Ravens are going to torch the Hawks on the ground in their own house! Philly's corners stand no chance vs. the Cowboys wideouts! 
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Instagram post 2154143363699610957_11852506 It was good time catching up with some the fellas during the All-Time Jets Team. Today we shared  memories about our playing days and wish we could have played alongside one another. All GOATs captured in one photo. #goattalk #nfl #nyjets #revisisland  @vgfoundation @curtismartin28 @leonwashington33
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Vikings over Giants by 12-16 points
Texans over Falcons by 4-7 points
Ravens over Steelers by 1-3 points
Cowboys over Packers by 4-7 points

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Instagram post 2137395260951032760_11852506 The All-Time Jets team. It’s an honor! Would like to thanks all the Jets fans who voted on behalf of the honorees. #nyjets #takeflight #revisisland
Instagram post 2134523930434067717_11852506 Monday Night Football. The country is watching!!!#jetsvsbrowns #aimhigh
Instagram post 2129471811901213953_11852506 Rex, I’m starting to get very bored so could you tell the opposing team to throw the ball to my side of the field. 😂😂😂 #revisisland #nyjets
Instagram post 2128436763529845301_11852506 Take Flight Week 1 with a W. 🛫#jetsnation #takeflight #revisisland #bills #nyjets
Instagram post 2123042902829820428_11852506 2 Hometown Kids • 2 Legacies • 2 Different Eras. Greatness in its highest form. Can’t make this stuff up! @officialtylaw #legends #dreams #revisisland

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